q: How do you go about photographing a wedding day?

a: The easiest and quickest way to describe what I do is….I concentrate on light, location, and emotion. I like to think of your wedding day as a big story. I strive to tell your story, through my images, in a creative and romantic way.

q: What’s the best time of day to schedule our bride & groom portraits?

a: Typically, a couple hours or an hour before sunset is ideal for great light. great light lends to beautiful images. However, I can make any time of day work, so don’t worry about it too much.

q: How much time should we allow for bride & groom portraits on our wedding day?

a: Ideally, I would love to have at least an hour to create some portraits of just the two of you.

q: How many photos do you include for a typical wedding?

a: It varies quite a bit from wedding to wedding, but typically between 400-600 photos are delivered.

q: How long does it take to get my photos?

a: For a wedding, typically 4-6 weeks. If it’s busy, busy season, more like 6-8 weeks. For a portrait session, 2-4 weeks is typical.

q: How do you feel about Pinterest ideas and shot idea lists?

a: I think Pinterest is a great tool to gather ideas, but when it comes to your wedding day… It is your wedding day. Your photography should be unique to your day, rather than looking the same as hundreds of others. As your wedding day entirely unique to you, I will capture your love story the way I see it unfold.

q: Do you travel to photograph weddings?

a: Um… YES!!! We love traveling and shooting weddings in new places. take me somewhere fun! Please don’t hesitate to inquire with me if you aren’t getting married in SoCal or its surrounding areas!

q: Do you charge travel expenses? 

a: Travel expenses for weddings within 100 miles of Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego will be covered within the package fee. Expenses for travel and accommodation for further distances will be added. NO travel fees for Yosemite, Sequoia National park of any other mountain locations in California (or maybe further) because I love mountains so Much!!! Don’t hesitate to email me about details.

q: What kind of cameras do you use? Do you have backup cameras?

a: I shoot with professional quality Canon full-frame DSLRs and prime lenses (currently 2 cameras the Mk3 models).

q: Do you bring an assistant or second photographer?

a: I bring an assistant with me to the big weddings (80 people and up) to help with gear and making the day go smoothly. If you would like a second pair of eyes on your wedding you may add a second on to your coverage or choose a package that includes one.

q: Are you the actual photographer who will be shooting on my wedding day?

a: Yes! I am the primary photographer for my business. The benefit of hiring an individual photographer versus a large corporate company is that all images, reviews, and blogs are from me. I am happy to be here for you before, during, and after the wedding making sure you have an awesome experience with your photographer!

q: What happens if you are not familiar with my ceremony/reception site?

a: With all my packages I guarantee to try a scouting trip to any location I have not officially photographed. I do weddings throughout CA, NV, and NY so it is impossible for me to have been at all the awesome places in the area, but I love adding new ones to my portfolio.

q: Can I submit a shot list?

a: I guarantee I have that list of important photos for the wedding day in my head. After hundreds of weddings, I feel I know the plot and can anticipate those moments. A list of specific creative shots hinders my ability to be there for the impromptu moments and using my own eye to be creative. Your wedding is going to be different then any I have photographed so I like to be open to the idea of the unique photos we can capture together.

q: Do you shoot Destination Weddings?

a: Yes!! I love to travel to photograph weddings in different locations. It is my dream to photograph a wedding in every state as well as internationally! I have had the honor of being a Destination Photographer in Greece and Europe for clients in the past. I have photographed weddings in San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago. I have a lot more states to go before I meet my goal so give me a call!

q: What happens if you get sick on the wedding day?

a: Crossing my fingers this never happens!! I am part of a network of photographers in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area and I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement to cover your wedding. In the extremely unlikely event that I am too ill to cover your wedding and I cannot find a replacement I will refund you of all your money, including your deposit.